PARTY! Sprinkles 

PARTY! Sprinkle Package Design Series


This project was a branded package design series. Sprinkles are something that are inherently fun to begin with, but I’ve found that the packaging doesn’t seem to match that. Currently most sprinkles packaging has a very classic feel catered towards an older generation. The intended audience for these sprinkles are younger people who are just getting into baking. I wanted to eliminate the plastic in the final package design, so I opted to work with paper rather than the typical plastic container. The final design needed to be fun, young, colourful, and stand out on the shelf. I decided to take inspiration from the shapes and colours from the sprinkles themselves for the colour palette and imagery. Since the sprinkles are so geometric, I chose Futura as the primary typeface to match their overall look and feel.

This project combines:

  • Personal Illustration

  • Unique Dieline Design

  • Typography

  • Identity Design

The process

I chose to go with a milk carton shaped package because it’s resealable, more sustainable than a plastic container, and easy to pour. The inspiration for the overall visual theme was to mimic baking that had been dipped in icing and sprinkles. Lastly, I added a small cutout in each carton so that you can see the sprinkles themselves because they’re really half of the fun.

the dielines

Round sprinkles dieline design
Heart Sprinkles: dieline design
Star Sprinkles: dieline design
PARTY! Sprinkle Package Design Series