This is a foldable booklet design for Troye Sivan's album Bloom. The entire design folds nicely to fit into a vellum floral envelope the size of a CD album cover. As you open it, you can read more about Troye and his latest album. Flipping through, you go through his timeline and previous albums, some quotes about Bloom, and lastly a track list. Once it is all unfolded you can flip it over and you have a Troye Sivan poster inspired by the Bloom music video. 

This project combines:

  • Personal Photography

  • Personal Illustrations

  • Typography

  • Page Layout

Bloom Booklet unfolded
Bloom vellum wrap
Bloom booklet cover
Bloom Booklet
Bloom Booklet
Troye Sivan: typography close up
Bloom Booklet design: flat
Troye Sivan Poster
Red rose photography
Floral vector illustration